I’m always surprised when people tell me that they do not like to cook. Admittedly, this is coming from someone who has worked in several professional kitchens over the years (I actually take pleasure in chopping an onion). The fact is that most people are intimidated by cooking. Believe me, I’ve heard some creative excuses for avoiding the kitchen:

  • “I can’t make toast without burning it.”
  • “You’re good at it, you do it.”
  • “I have a crush on the delivery guy.”
  • “Grocery shopping is boring.”
  • “I’m contributing to the struggling economy by eating out.”

Of all the excuses, I would say that the number one reason people don’t cook more often is that there isn’t enough time. True, having a full-time job, a family, or both doesn’t leave much time at the end of the day to prepare a home-cooked meal.


  1. Prepare Vegetables Ahead of Time
  2. Preheat the Oven
  3. Plan Your Meals
  4. Prepare Meals in Advance
  5. Make Large Quantities
  6. Get Others Involved
  7. Use Knives Properly