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Later on, I lived out of the country for a couple of years and had frequent opportunities to eat Italian recipes. To my surprise, I quickly became a huge fan of many Italian recipes. When cooked right, there are few culinary dishes in the world that can compare to good Italian recipes.

I am a relatively recent convert to Italian food. My mom is a wonderful person whom I admire greatly, but I could never say I was a big fan of her cooking. That is the primary reason that I waited until I was in my twenties to even start trying Italian food. I grew up thinking that Italian recipes were all overcooked noodles with a can of Hunt’s tomato sauce on them. For that reason, I never ventured out to any of the Italian restaurants in our city.

After leaving home, my taste buds developed a love for bold flavors. I love something with some bold herbs and spices in it. That’s one reason that my wife and I love to frequent a couple of our favorite Italian restaurants. While they might be chain restaurants, they have some delicious and succulent dishes on the menu. You can never go wrong with some fresh Italian food.

Another place where our American recipes for Italian food are quite different from Italian recipes for Italian food is pasta. In America, pasta is just the base for loading your plate up with tasty sauces, but in Italy, the pasta is the star. They relish the simple beauty of a pasta, and have hundreds of varieties of pasta that we haven’t ever heard of.

Italian is a popular kind of food in the US, but most Americans are mistaken to think that our recipes for Italian food are exactly like those they actually use in Italy. The biggest misnomer is probably pizza. In Italy, pizza is a light meal. The crust is more of a New York style, and one of the most popular varieties is the ‘margherita” tomatoes, basil, a little mozzarella, and olive oil. Very simple, and very light. This pizza is a favorite not only for its taste, but also for its pleasing appearance, featuring all the colors of the Italian flag.

I’m not talking about the shape of the noodle, I’m talking about the actual ingredients. Pastas with more egg are rich and have a delicate taste, while pastas with more flour content taste marvelous with heavier meat sauces. No pasta is dressed with as much sauce as it is here, because they enjoy their pasta far more than we do. Of course, many people think that the American version of Italian food is better, but it is simply a matter of preference.

This is one of a collection of recipes that I have. Many came from my mother or other relatives and friends. They are Real Italian Recipes mostly from the coast of the United States east of the first and second generation Italian American.

I have a full meal from appetizers to desserts, and share together. This has a great steak and soup Roman Sicily. Have fun.

Italian recepies – Real Italian Recipes | Italian recipesGrowing up as an Italian/American, I can Really appreciate this post as well as this site. My great grandparents came to America in the late 1800s and early 1900s, at the turn of the century. The birth of Italian/American cuisine (more simply known as ‘Italian food’ in the United States).

They brought with them their traditional Italian cooking from their regions of Italy (Naples/Bari) and infused it with the characteristics of their new home here in America. Many of their Italian recipes and great traditional cooking were passed down to my mother. I had the pleasure of eating these wonderful recipes my entire life. Even created my own website about them. Great Italian food and great family memories was all the inspiration I needed. Don’t forget the Anisette for the espresso.

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